'Buying a Business' Book Reivews

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Here are quick reviews of all books I read so far while researching buying a business.

[All of the book title links are affiliate links to Amazon]

 HBR Guide to Buying a Small Business: Think Big, Buy Small, Own Your Own Company by Richard S. Ruback, Royce Yudkoff.  The book associated with the podcast in this post). This book provides both information about buying a business and also a framework for picking a business. They suggest an 'Enduring Profitable'  business. The provide both parameters for a search and methods. The book tends to approach the issue from the point of view of an MBA, but its still understandable. It suggests a financing  approach that I wouldn't have thought of.  It has no bias for or against business brokers. This book is worth buying.

The BizBuySell Guide To Buying A Small Business: A road map to the successful purchase of a business by Ed Pendarvis.  This is book was a quick but informative read. It's sponsored by a a business listing website. It cost me $0.99 on Amazon, but I think you download it for free from their website. If you want to get the basics fast, this is a good book. They do have a slight bias towards business brokers. This book is worth buying (or downloading)

HOW TO BUY A BUSINESS WITH NO MONEY: Learn The Secrets Of Overnight Millionaires
by Royal Stevens. This book had a lot of stories, but no real meat. I didn't really get much out of it. There were some ideas for financing, but there were no actionable details. I wouldn't recommend buying it.

How to Buy a Business without Being Had by Jack (John V. M.) Gibson. This book has plenty of meat, and lots of details about the process and valuing a business. It is written by a business broker so there is slight bias, but that doesn't take away from the  value of book. This book is worth buying.

The Complete Guide to Buying a Business  by Fred S. Steingold. This is a Nolo press book so its chocked full of forms and legal advice. You don't really need to buy it while you are trying to learn about the process, But it's seems well worth it once you start seriously looking. 

My Recommendations

I'd start with the BuzBuySell guide, since there is a minimal investment. If you are still interested, then read the intro's to the Gibson Book and the HBR book and pick one  based on your goals. Read the Stiengold (NOLO) book once you start seriously looking as it has legal and accounting details that the others don't have but are really usefull. 


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